Panagate is a North American based corporation (Canada Corporation No: 1252309-4) that offers opportunities in export and import trade, connecting businesses around the world through our extensive global reach and alliances. Panagate international networks and relationships with manufacturers and processors enables us to deliver products at a competitive pricing and in a timely manner. Integrity and transparency are at the core of our values, doing it right the first time is a must policy we drive at daily. Our success is directly linked to the growth of our clients.

Panagate is active in trading and facilitation of various metals and minerals(concentrates, ingots, waste & scrap). We work directly with steel yards, waste recycling companies, manufacturers, processors, we connect businesses around the globe, fulfilling trade opportunities for our various customers, we offer volume container shipping and international trade consultation services. At Panagate, we also work side by side with our clients to ensure we deliver exceptional performance on what we do.


Vision Statement
To be at the forefront of export & import trade and facilitation, connecting people from diverse cultures and backgrounds while maximizing international trade's potentials and profits.


Our Mission
To successfully work towards the advancement of export & import trade, products and services supplies, building long-lasting resourceful relationships with many business partners to achieve mutual success.


Quality Assurance
Every product procured, exported, and imported with Panagate is sure to meet quality standards and stays within the guidelines defined by different countries standard. Our goal is to provide value to both buyers and sellers, and we do this by ensuring all products meet high standards of safety, health, and the environment. We do our best to prevent harm to our clients, business partners, and the environment, and this is why we’re continually improving our process to meet new quality standards.


Project Management
The different sectors of international trade are important. None can be avoided; this is why there is a need for proper project management to prevent risks and issues along the way. Panagate offers exceptional project management skills to our partners; our resourceful connections and strong networking skills give us the edge needed to ensure a smooth operation and fewer risks throughout the project.


Cost Management
Many businesses end up spending most of their capital on direct and indirect transactional costs; clients don’t have to worry about this with us. We offer the best logistic rates and help businesses avoid international levies and penalties so as to save capital. Our ocean(CFR/CIF) freight rates are the best to help clients successfully manage cost while carrying out international export/import trades.


Supply Base Management
Panagate offers supply-based management services in different part of the world. We coordinate load-out operations for our esteemed clients in Metals and Minerals. Our top-quality products are valued by traders and consumers alike as they offer the best, meet quality standards, affordable, and are delivered in a timely fashion.